Fall Direct Donations Campaign 2016

The library is a welcoming place for all students from Kindergarten through 8th Grade. In its current state, the library feels worn and outdated. The bulky furniture and old technology discourage students from working collaboratively and inhibit 21st century learning. Students are looking for a place to gather where they can use the latest technology or work on group projects; a place where any student can wind down with a book or meet with peers.

Every year at our Annual Dinner Dance, a portion of the live auction is dedicated to raising funds for specific and timely needs. This year we’re excited to support a new library environment for the entire Roy Cloud community. Money raised will support the purchase of a new presentation system and computers, furniture, bookshelves and carpeting, as well as a redesign of the layout to support a more “café” like feel.

With your donations to our 2017 Fund-A-Need, we can make our library the innovative gathering space our students need. Thank you to the families who donated during the Dinner Dance on March 4th!  If you were unable to attend, and would like to support the library, you can donate right here.  

Please join us in launching this important and timely effort!




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